Posted on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 in Company news

Building a resilient society calls for a multidimensional approach – one in which industry and academia exchange skills and knowledge, and form strong alliances. Innovation can only truly be advanced, through educating those that are going to make the biggest difference in the future: today’s youth. With this in mind, SIM-CI invited a group of students of the University of Applied Sciences ‘Van Hall Larenstein’ for a company visit. During a fruitful and inspiring morning session, students toured the office, attended keynote presentations and enjoyed a VR demo with several simulations.

Keynote by CTO Roger ter Heide

The main objective of the event was for the students to get a clearer idea about the ways in which academia can help solve real-life societal problems. Through the various keynotes they attended, the students learned more about how scientific models can be used to mitigate serious risks. Another key element of the visit was an increased awareness regarding the positive impact of technology, in terms of its potential for solving development- and environmental issues.

VR demo on hacking scenarios

SIM-CI aims to continue to organize such events in the future, in order to further strengthen its relationship with academic institutions. We would like to thank the students that visited our office at The Hague Tech for their sharp minds, curiosity and inspiring questions.