Posted on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 in Company news

On the 20th of November, SIM-CI took part in the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit hosted in Haarlem. During the event, SIM-CI had a booth available to showcase the VR Demo on Digital Twin Cities.

“SingularityU consists of the Dutch Alumni of Singularity University, a benefit corporation committed to creating positive and sustainable global impact” [1]. The community organizes events for the public, with experts in various technological fields, aiming to ignite action, empower and inform people about the possibilities of technologies that are available and being developed to have a positive impact on our world.


SIM-CI was invited to showcase its leading technologies in the field of critical infrastructures at this event and let the guests go through an experience of a VR Demo. The Digital Twin cities technology was presented to a large crowd of tech-lovers, (business) experts and more. Events like this are of great importance to SIM-CI as “our services help raise awareness of the fact that we need to be more conscious of vulnerabilities in our society and that we need to leverage the technologies that we have in our possession in a way that helps keep people and society both safe and secure” (Roxanne Hoenstok, SIM-CI). In addition to this, we had the possibility to participate in various lectures and get inspired by renowned guests that were also attending the event.

SIM-CI is looking forward to participating in more events like this. Our technologies are the key to more resilient cities and societies. Participating in events allows us to share our insights with key actors and players in the field of critical infrastructures, leading technologies and smart cities, working together and gaining new insight to ensure that our goals are met.

For a short introduction movie about SingularityU, click here: