Support your field teams and first responders on the job

SIM-CI’s smart mobile applications connect network operators with their field service engineers and response teams using secure communication and VR/AR in order to improve workforce safety & security and enhance performance and quality of work.

The Workflow Manager apps provide additional safety for field service engineers and the public as well as an audit of the work carried out. Functionalities include:

  • Streamlining workflows by dispatching engineers to the job and supporting them with tools such as health & safety compliance.
  • Live assistance, consulting co-workers and experts on the spot using secure video / audio / text channels
  • Viewing detailed information on CI assets and other environmental factors using Augmented Reality

Smart modules to build your custom application

All modules are built using Self Contained Components. Modules and functionality can easily be implemented into other types of applications. Integration depends upon backend specifics.

Currently available modules:

  • Fall Guard: Determines the speed and impact of an accidental fall
  • Secure Communicator: Live assistance and consultation of co-workers and experts
  • Asset inspector: Detailed information on CI assets using Augmented Reality
  • Geo Fencer: Location based warnings to field engineers.


The SIM-CI suite offers a broad range of APIs to connect your own applications or live data feeds to the SIM-CI platform.