It takes extraordinary people to make complex matters simple.
Meet our teams of mad scientists, gearheads, geeks and VR freaks.

Research & Development

Team Research and Development uses Physics and Artificial Intelligence. They analyze and model the functioning of critical infrastructures. They model the flows through the networks themselves, their deterioration and interdependencies with other networks and base risk assessments upon the results. The models assist asset managers and crisis managers to make the best decisions for their infrastructure. This team applies the broad spectrum of artificial intelligence including machine learning and multi-agent systems. The machine learning models are used to make predictions with time-series data, recognize object in images, and control agent behaviour. Multi-agent systems are used in environments that need interaction between autonomous agents.

Model Engine

Team Model Engine is responsible for building the Model Engine, which orchestrates GIS data, Physics and Artificial Intelligence Models. The Model Engine aggregates data from these models and stitches them together to form a single simulated world. Team Model Engine uses cloud deployment, which allows for great scalability.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Team VR is responsible for the visualization of our physics models and all the GIS data. They are building an immersive visualization tool by creating a virtual 3D representation of cities. In these Digital Twin cities the effects of acute disaster scenarios or chronic stress on the cities are clearly and comprehensibly displayed by using the newest VR technologies and hardware. This offers decision-makers/stakeholders crucial insights in otherwise complex and overwhelming spatial information and data.


This team consists of four sub-teams: Sales, MarCom, PMO, IT support and Security. Their main tasks are to manage data, platforms and the system; engage with prospective clients and support them during pricing and contracting phase; run intelligent market research and establish mutual value to fulfil the objectives of our company and customers.