Maintenance only when warranted

Predictive Maintenance can provide significant cost savings over routine maintenance, as maintenance tasks are only performed when required. By applying analytical models, AI and deep learning, we can predict future asset risk failure on an automated basis, using a scalable process. This promotes more informed interventions, increased uptime and improved business continuity.


Key benefits SIM-CI Predictive Maintenance:

  • Enables the reduction of outages and maintenance costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and contributing to a higher quality of service;
  • Fewer incidents and an increased uptime, due to predictions based on maintenance facts and figures;
  • Lower maintenance cost of assets and infrastructure, thanks to improved logistics;
  • Improved customer satisfaction, because of the higher uptime of the infrastructure.


Step-by-step procedure:

  • Initial research into your data to provide insight and recommendations;
  • Proof of concept software package to assist maintenance;
  • Optimization of the Artificial Intelligence, and integration into the workflow.