Privacy statement SIM-CI Holding B.V.

When using this website, SIM-CI can gather your personal details, both directly (for example when you fill in a form) and indirectly (through cookies). SIM-CI will use these personal details solely for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and will do everything possible to protect the personal details gathered.

In this document we describe: which data is gathered, for which purposes we process this data, how long we retain your data, how we use cookies, what your rights are, and how you can contact us.

This privacy statement was last edited on 18-01-2018. Whats new?

  • Additional information gathered for the purpose of requesting a demo

Personal data gathered

By using our website, you leave certain data behind, which might include personal data.

Browsing the website

When browsing our website we gather the following information:

  • through Google analytics cookies (see also the paragraph about how we use Google analytics):
    • IP-address (pseudonymized)
    • Type and language of your browser
    • Which pages you visit of the website
  • Functional cookies to manage sessions, security and load balancing

We collect this information for the purpose of analyzing how our website is used, and from which (general) location our users come. With this information we can optimize our website.

The newsletter

On this website you can subscribe to our newsletter. For this we gather the following information with your consent:

  • E-mail address
  • Name

We use this information for the purpose of: sending you the newsletter. We use a processor to provide this newsletter: Laposta. This party manages the e-mail lists for us, sends the newsletters, and gives us insights into if and how our newsletters are read. Laposta is a Dutch company and the data will not leave the EU. We made clear agreements with them about that they may not use the data for other purposes, and which security measures they must have in place.

If you want to withdraw your consent, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link in the newsletter. Your information will then be deleted from our database, and from the database of Laposta.

Events and demos

On this website you can also subscribe to events or request a demo. For this we gather the following information with your consent:

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Telephone number (optional)
  • Company and job title
  • Website (optional)

Additionally, for requesting a demo we gather the following information:

  • Industry
  • No. of employees
  • Solutions you are interested in

When registering for an event we will use the information for the purposes of:

  • Determining if you are part of the target audience for the event
  • sending you an invitation,
  • making a guest list (internally for SIM-CI),
  • sending you information about the event,
  • organizing the event itself (name badges, etc.)
  • asking for feedback after the event.

Depending on the event we will ask you beforehand for permission to publish some of your information on a guest list, which will be distributed on the event itself. You may also opt-in to: be put on our event or news mailing list; or for us to contact you about our products (in this case we will store your information in our CRM system). Our CRM system is hosted in the United States. Appropriate measures have been taken to ensure your data is well protected.

If you have not used one of these opt-in options, we will store your information for a maximum of 6 months after the event for administrative purposes, after which the data will be deleted.


When requesting a demo we will use the information provided for the purposes of:

  • Determining if you are part of the target audience for receiving a demo
  • sending you an invitation,
  • sending you information about the demo,
  • contacting you about a possible sales opportunity
  • creating an entry in our CRM system, so we can see at a later moment if we have ever had contact with you, and if you were interested at that time. Our CRM system is hosted in the United States. Appropriate measures have been taken to ensure your data is well protected.

Depending on the type of demo we may ask you to bring identification and/or sign an NDA. Information about this will be provided beforehand.

Withdrawing your consent for the processing of your data in case of an event or demo can be done by sending an e-mail to:

We will not share your information with other third parties, unless necessary to organize the event or when this is an obligation by law.



Except for the Google analytics cookies described below, our website also uses functional cookies.


Used cookies

_cfduid.sim-ci.com1 yearCloudfare session cookie. Used for load balancing and white listing trusted usersFunctional, third party
_ga.sim-ci.com2 yearGoogle analytics cookie, see paragraph about Google analytics. Used to distinguish usersAnalytical
PHP5SESSIDwww.sim-ci.comSession* The session cookie of the PHP serverFunctional
Serverwww.sim-ci.comSessionA session cookieFunctional

*When the Duration is “Session”, the cookie will exist as long as you have the website open. So if you close the page or close the browser, this cookie will be deleted.


Google analytics

On this website we use Google analytics to get reports on how our website is used. We did not allow Google to share this information with other Google entities, other Google products or third parties, and the IP-addresses we process are pseudonymized (the last number is omitted, for example: 122.3.112.x). We also signed a processing agreement with Google. However, Google can be asked to provide information to third parties when obliged to by law, and Google can use third parties to process data in name of Google. We cannot control this, and therefor recommend to read Google analytics’ privacy policy:


Why don’t we ask for cookie permission?

First of all, in our opinion, asking consent for a cookie in a cookie banner is often not really asking permission. Most users are only frustrated by cookie banners and click it away without reading. We feel that limiting tracking is a better strategy than presenting you with irritating banners.

In the Dutch law, there are three exceptions for the obligation to ask permission (TW 11.7a3):

  • If the purpose of the cookie is merely to enable communication,
  • if the cookie is strictly necessary for the service provided
  • if its goal is to get information about the quality or efficiency of the website, and the use of the cookie does not, or has only a small, privacy impact

For our functional cookies, the first and second exception applies.

Since we have configured Google analytics in such a way that its privacy impact is low, and we use it for quality purposes, it falls under the third exception.

More information about this exception can be found on the site of the Dutch privacy authority[1] and on the site of[2] (both in Dutch).

We also configured Vimeo videos in such a way that it does not place third party tracking cookies anymore.



We host promotional video’s at Vimeo. To be able to play these videos, we have to embed them. Usually this means introducing various third party tracking cookies on our website. We therefore chose not to use the standard embedding. This way no cookies (of any kind) will be placed.



Protection of your data is not possible without security measures. We therefor try to maintain a high level of security, by making sure our software is up to date, by providing an encrypted version of the website only (using https and security headers), and by carefully choosing content. However, we know that sometimes mistakes can be made. Have you found one? Please notify us via the e-mail provided below.


Third party websites

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that we might link to (for example in news items). We cannot guarantee that these third parties respect your privacy or handle your personal information in a safe way.


Changes to this privacy statement

We maintain the right to change this privacy statement. Please revisit this page to keep up to date. When changing this privacy statement, we will include a short summary of what has changed since the previous version.


Your rights

According to our EU privacy law you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if you think your rights are violated.

Towards us, you also have the right of access, rectification, restriction of processing and erasure of your information. You also have the right to withdraw you consent for processing. To use these rights, or if you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us via the e-mail address below.


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[1] Link:

[2] Link: