Projecting the future

Scenarios are stories about how future events might impact our critical infrastructures, our cities, organizations, and even our nation. They are not predictions, but rather act as plausible descriptions of what could happen. Scenarios are stories built around carefully constructed plots, based on data, drivers, events and ‘trends’. They assist in the selection of future strategies, they reveal uncertainties opening up lateral thinking and initiating a learning process.

The scenarios incorporated in the SIM-CI simulation platform cover a broad range of issues and events related to vital infrastructures and urban processes. It allows governments, CI stakeholders and crisis teams to assess events upfront and work out effective response and mitigation strategies.

Governments, CI stakeholders and crisis teams can assess events upfront and work out effective response and mitigation strategies

Scenario development

Scenario’s are developed in close cooperation with all stakeholders involved. Multi-disciplinary workshops and pilot setups are used to tailor the scenario’s and simulations to match needs during crisis and every day usage.

The city is preparing for one last festival to celebrate the end of summer. 200,000 guests are expected for a day of music, art and tech workshops.
What if…a storm were to break loose…the power and telecom infra were to go down…or a terrorist attack were to take place…